To provide world class solutions in renewable energy, resulting in a better environment for all.


To offer exceptional services in renewable energy, backed by quality products and expertise.

To deliver value and satisfaction to all customers seeking to optimise their energy consumption.

To attain leadership position in the renewable energy sector by delivering the best solution at the right price and ensuring a high return on investment to satisfy every customer.



A sustainable future is only possible with sustainable power generation and energy efficient conservation. Mithraa Solar Systems promotes green power generation and energy efficient practices for the greater good of humanity.


Technology, quality and workmanship are the vital elements that differentiate one company from the rest A satisfied customer is one who has received these in the finest available form, backed by superlative service.


Leadership demands vision, commitment and integrity The accountability that comes with it makes us acquire greater knowledge which in turn gives us a clear approach and a sharp focus, besides making us better individuals.


Exceeding customer expectations is the bedrock of good customer relations. It wins his trust and goodwill. It wins his referral. It wins repeat orders. It is imperative that we deliver solutions beyond expectations, and back it up with service and support beyond compare


The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. The way to overcome a formidable challenge is to link hands and hearts... combine strengths and skills, to deliver something no one can. Group dynamics and a sense of sacrifice often ensure the shining results we seek.


Without a basic level of honesty, integrity and trust, it's futile to execute a transaction If money or the deal is the only criterion being considered during the bid evaluation, and there is no weight age for honesty and integrity, we reserve the right to withdraw from the bid.


If you partner with experts, consultants or companies who are masters at their craft and have a strong sense of integrity, it becomes easier to provide a quality solution When the technology, quality and service aspects of the offering are underlined by shared values, delivery is assured


MITHRA SOLAR SYSTEMS is an enterprise committed to promote sustainable living in India. Realizing that energy is a primary driver for socio-economic growth, especially a country like INDIA where conserving ENERGY has an urgent need for fast development and as such it chose the path of providing customized solutions for responsible use of energy by way of promoting solar thermal products and services. It aims to offer quality products at affordable cost through strategic partnerships with most renowned and quality manufacturers of these products in INDIA.

Mithra Solar Systems has 14 years in SOLAR FIELD especially solar thermal & photovoltaic projects. With a passion for this field, he has executed many prestigious projects in Andhra Pradesh with true dedication and has a VISION to contribute his utmost to this revolution to ensure that the economy of our country and also the GREEN ENVIORNMENT is at the top in excelling all other countries of the world. We are associated with the best manufacturers like M/S Panasonic Electricals Pvt Ltd, M/s Bosch India Ltd, Bangalore, M/s. Emerson India Pvt Ltd, M/s Swelect Energy Systems Ltd, M/s.Aegan Batteries pvt Ltd, Bangalore, and M/s .Renewsys India Pvt Ltd Hyd, M/S Honeywell Automation India Ltd ,Pune, M/s Proinso India Limited for SMA and Zever Inverters. to offer the best quality solar water heating systems and solar photovoltaic systems to the consumers. And to offer the best services and contacts in North Telangana region we had associated with M/s Ujwala Renewable energy systems Pvt Ltd which is located in Warangal four years ago.

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